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    Pharrell Williams: Eco Fashion Brand Ambassador ...and music icon

    Rap and Hip Hop star Pharrell Williams is an eco-fashion kind of guy

    Bionic Yarn owned by Pharrell Williams colaborated with G-Star brand

    Pharrell Williams is known for his music, Hip Hop and Rap.  He was also a judge on seventh season of the hit American reality talent show The Voice.  While the list of music an media accomplishments goes on and on, Pharrell is hitting the news for another reason. No, it not a juicy scandal (although I might just not be informed of that). Sorry to disappoint, hahaha. 

    Pharrell is a spokesman for the eco fashion movement.  Slow fashion, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly recycled plastic, and ocean conservation are among the list of things that he happily (sorry, I had to do it)  talks about. 

    Pharrell Williams is the creative director of,  Bionic Yarn , a company that recycles  ocean trash into denim and makes fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Bionic Yarn, can be woven into a tough, water-repellant material that looks like traditional cotton canvas but dries quicker and is twice as abrasion-resistant. It is a highly durable fiber composed of organic cotton wrapped around a core of recycled PET, a plastic commonly used for the production of soda bottles. So your might wear a bottle of coca-cola or mineral water you drank 5 years ago.  Both cool and at the same time a little weird, G-Star, Moncler, Burton and Timberland have all created products from this potent  material:


    Pharrell´s  partnership with G-Star:

    A line of denim called “RAW for the Oceans,” was designed featuring jeans made from recycled plastic that is reclaimed from the ocean. The collection was scheduled to hit G-Star stores August 2014.

    Check out the video presentation of this project:


    His commitment to eco fashion goes to back to 2010, when Pharrell teamed up with Franco-Italian activewear label Moncler to launch a special-edition collection of men’s jackets made entirely from Bionic Yarn fabric.

    He teamed with Timberland to create the company´s  Bionic Canvas collection.