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    Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept Blog — clothing care labels

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    Decipher the label: A Quick Guide to understanding clothing labels

    A quick guide to the most common textile fabric abbreviations.

    Textile abbrevations. What do they mean?
    Are you a conscious consumer who want to know who makes your clothes and what materials the clothes are made of?

    Have you looked at the label only to find a bunch of confusing abbreviations that  make it look like no one actually wants you to figure it out.

    Here is a go to resource list to help you understand those crazy codes:

    WO – Wool (Sheep by default)

    WV – Virgin Fleece Wool

    WP – Alpaca Wool

    WL – Lama Wool

    WS – Cashmere Goat

    WM – Mohair (Goat Wool)

    SE –  Silk

    CO – Cotton

    LI – Flax / Linen

    HA – Hemp

    CV – Viscose

    CMD – Modal

    CLY – Lyocell / Tencel

    PA – Nylon / Polyamid

    PES – Polyester

    PUR – Polyurethane

    EL – Spandex or Elastane

    AF – Other Fibers

    While this list works for most of Europe, the US and Canada there are some who like to be different.  Here are some other popular abbreviations you might find.

    WP – can also mean baby alpaca Wool

    VI –  viscose

    WK – camel hair wool

    WA – angora wool

    PBT -polyester

    EA – elastane

    PC – acrylic

    PM – polyester


    Now this is just for fun...

    You´ve got it down in English. What about  in Gemany, Dutch, Sweedish or Finnish?

     Check this table out for some fun with foreign languages!

    international textile abbreviations