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    New York City, Capsule, perceptions quality and more

    The three days in NYC attending Capsule fair were very busy. It was not only these three days we were in NYC, as we had the opportunity to stay some more days in the city visiting friends, customers, and colleagues.

    You probably saw in the news how awful was the temperature; I can confirm you, it was terrible.

    Perception about things is very different in this side of the Atlantic sea. During the fair and a couple of events we attended, we received many comments on the style and quality of the fabrics.


    Elegant style with details that enable the woman to dress from nine to eleven, Vancouver, Barcelona and San Francisco were some of the favorites.

    Quality of the fabric

    The touch, this is the key. You see something, you walk and suddenly you touch it with your hand. The fabric is smooth and pleasant. The second surprise comes when people notice the dresse are fully lined with a ultra soft fabric in a contrasting vibrant color. The third surprise comes when they look at the knit dresses. They are reversible instantly falling in love!

    We stayed close to China Town, and every morning we went by this snowman built by the store owner behind the picture. Apparently he does it every year, and it has become a tradition.