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    Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept Blog — eco friendly fitness fashion

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    Eco Friendly Fitness Fashion

    At Wabi Sabi we talk about the relationship between wellness and fashion. Exercising, eating organic food and finding the right balance between work and personal life are some of the things we believe are key to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

    We merge the concepts of wellness, fashion and functionality to bring you our line of office appropriate, versatile day to evening dresses made with 100% organic fabrics.

    We´ve got you covered for work, but what should you wear when you are out of the office?

     Cozy Orange

    Whether it be running, yoga, weight training or a wide variety of other physical exercise, we found this great post by one of our favorite wellness blogs well+good that give us some choices of stylish eco-friendly fashion that, as they say "you can sweat in". 

    Want to know more? Check out the post:

    5 cool, eco-fashion brands you can actually sweat in