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    Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept Blog — Handprints film

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    Who Makes our Clothes: Handprints the video

    Handprints, a video reflection about the people who make our clothes

     As Fashion Revolution Day nears we think it is important to start reflecting about where, how and by whom our clothes are made. Who stitched you favorite T-shirt? Who cut the fabric for your favorite lbd?  

    If our clothes could talk, image everything they would tell us about  far away places, cultures, sounds, sights, smells, colors, and the people involved.

    You wear garments that form part of the life story of the people who make them.

    The film is the result of a collaboration between filmaker Mary Nighy and  Eco-Age . The actress and model Elettra Wiedemann, who shows her support for eco and ethical fashion, stars in the film.