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    Wearable Tech and New York City

    There is a lot of talk and investigation as well as entrepreneurship going on around wearable tech. There also seems to be a predominance of wearable tech companies popping up in not in Silicon Valley, but in New York City as evidenced by this article in Crain´s New york that mentions a few of the wearble tech startups worth checking out? New York seems to be a breeding ground for a sector that depends on technology, design and fashion. What better place to merge those three things than NYC? 

    What do you think about wearable tech? Do you see yourself wearing an Apple Watch? What about the cool wearables from these start-ups?

    Speak your mind

    Would you use Pilot created by Waverly Labs, an intelligent earpiece that connects with a smartphone via voice commands. Users can send and receive email, set up meetings and communicate with individuals and groups of people. If two users speak different languages, they can even have a conversation because the Pilot can translate spoken words into the hearer’s language.

    Wear your workout

    Would you wear RXActive’s fitness pants that are designed to help you workout harder without changing your routine by buildng in resistance bands into your gym clothes? A takeoff on the Chinese finger trap, the bands in the fabric tighten against muscle movements without sliding up or down. 

    A charger in you handbag or a handbag that charges you phone? emPowered is a company that has a cellphone charging station built into a handbag.

    Recharge the purse

    Put a Ringly on it

    Put a ring on it! Ringly is one of the most high profile wearble tech companies on the NYC scene and has received funding from several important investment companies such as a Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital.  Ringly offers a smart ring that eliminates the missed calls, texts and alerts that can happen when a phone is buried in a handbag. A luxury and fashionable item, the ringly is gold-plated and has semiprecious stones.  Priced at $195, you get a ring that vibrates and lights up when messages, phone calls and other alerts come in. They integrate with more than 30 apps, including Snapchat and Uber. The box it come in doubles as a charger.


    So what do you think about wearble tech?