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    Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept Blog — #whomademyclothes

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    The True Cost Movie Released

    When Andrew Morgan and I first skyped over 1 year ago about his project, I knew that he had something special in his hands.

    Ethical Fashion Industry leaders were behind him and he showed drive and passion for the topic he was about to document. Not only would his film shine for his technical skills, but becuase of the authenticity and heart that he and his team put into the project. 

    After a few high profile prelaunch events like this one in NYC: 

    Such a wonderful evening in NYC talking about the future of fashion & sustainability with these ladies Many thanks to @ecofashiontalk, @eileenfisherny, as well as FIT & @zady for hosting! #FashRev #whomademyclothes #TrueCostMovie

    and another one in London at an event organized by the BoF, with its Founder and editor Imran Amed and with livia Firth and Lucy Siegel among the panelists.

    Powerful trailer preview @truecostmovie @bof and now talk w/ @lucysiegle @liviafirth #BoFVoices #FashRev

    the film will officially launch the 29th of April.

    It´s worth the watch. Want to know more? 

    The True Cost A documentary film about the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Opening worldwide May 29, 2015. http://www.truecostmovie.com



    Fashion Revolution Day & Feria de Sevilla ( the Spring Fair in Seville, Spain)

    This year Fashion Revolution Day coincides with the  Feria de Sevilla, one of the most famous events held in the Andalusian capital. The Feria de Sevilla is a time where friends and family dress up in traditional clothes and gather at the fair grounds to celebrate and share in the spring festivities with friends and family. It is an occasion for drinking, eating, singing and dancing. It is also an occasion that any fashion lover won´t want to miss.
    Men and women dress up in traditional clothes to attend the fair. The weeklong event is an opportunitiy to show off your personal style as most of the dresses are hand crafted to the desire of each individual client.
    This is not only a beautiful tradition, but also a huge industry that moves millions of dollars and employs many textile workers.  Not only are the dresses and accessories sold in stores, but many professional seamstresses work for months on private client orders.  Seamstresses work to fulfill their clients fantsies as the fabric and accesories are hand picked by each client to create their perfect dress. 

    Eventhough the industry surrounding the fair is huge, the fair lasts only 1 week. Yes, there are other fairs in other towns in Andalucía throughout the spring and the fall, but business is cyclical.

    What do the seamstresses work on throughout the rest of the year you might ask? 

    This is Mari. Here is this foto she is sewing a Flamenco dress for the Spring Fair: 

    Mari is also one of the seamstresses that work with us at Wabi Sabi. When Mari is not sewing ruffles for a flamenco dress she is making dresses like this Bogotá Reversible knit style for Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept:

    Wabi Sabi Bogotá Reversible Knit Dress  #red,#reversible, #responsable

    To celebrate Fashion Revolution Day & the Feria de Sevilla we are not only asking the question "Who Made my Clothes?"  We are giving you a sneak peak into the lives of the women who  make Wabi Sabi´s clothes and how the unique culture of the city in which we live leaves its mark on how our clothes are made.

    Wabi Sabi Bogotá Reversible knit dress. #red, #reversible, #responsable #whomademyclothes #FashRev @Fash_Rev