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    Can Elastane be eco friendly?

    At Wabi Sabi we pride ourselves in creating high quality garment with a special attention to excellent fit. We pay special attention to pattern making and we use only the finest 100% certified organic fabrics. This allows our customers to look amazing in our dresses, whatever their size and body shape may be, and also to feel comfortable in the garments as well as enjoy the soft,luxurious feel of our fabrics on their skin. 

    We use mostly fabrics that contain Organic Cotton and Tencel as well as a little bit of Elastane. Why elastane? That little bit of elastane is essential for confort in movement and for the adaptablility of the fabric. When you bend you arms the fabric must bend along with you. When you sit down, the fabric must adapt to the sitting position and not stretch out so that it bulges when you stand back up. These are important details that are essential to creating a quality product, but how eco friendly is elastane really?

    Eco friendly elastane by Hyosung

    Hyosung is a South Korea based company renowned as the largest spandex producer in the world. The company produces Creora, an eco-friendly elastane especially designed to reduce water usage.

    Recognizing that more and more consumers look for products that do not have a negative impact on the environment, they are dedicated to finding new ways to meet the needs of their customers. We are so happy to see the textile industry pick up on this and create more and more options for eco fashion brands to offer high quality, functional and sustainable products to our customers. Yeah!

    Behind The Scenes @ Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept: Who makes our clothes?

    Eventhough Fashion Revolution Day has passed transparency in manufacturing is as important today as it was back on April 24th. At Wabi Sabi we are proud to produce our eco friendly women´s contemporary dress collection in a local atelier. This allows us not only to have strict controls and a hands on approach to manufacturing, but also to gives us the pleasure to develop a wonderful relationship with the women who make our clothes.

    This is Isabel. Isabel is an excellent seamstresses as well as a mom, grandmom, wife, sister, and friend to many. When not working she loves to travel. She has an incredible work ethic and great attention to detail. Isabel is one of the women that we are proud to have creating garments for Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept.

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    What it means to be a Tailor: The perfect Balance of Art + Engineering

    What does it really mean to be a tailor? How are high quality clothes actually make? Is it an art or better described as engineering?

    A mix of Art, Sculpture and Engineering, tailoring is a not just a profession. A tailor is an artist that requires a mix of skills that cross over from the arts to the sciences. It takes years of dedication, study and hands on learning to perfect this craft. Even then each garment created is a learning experience that allows a tailor to grow personally and professionally throughout a lifetime of work. 

    Having watched first hand the way our pattern makers and seamstresses bring to life our designs at Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept we have nothing less that the utmost respect and awe for this craft. Whether it be a man´s suit or a women´s work appropriate eco friendly dress, these men and women make magic bringing 2 dimesional designs to life in a way that fits and flatters the body.  Perspective, proportion, movement, comfort, fit, funtionality, they bring it all together in a single garment.

    Quality craftsmanship is something we as a society have forgotten how to value in favor of things that are cheap and speady, especially when it come to clothing.

    We encourage you to watch this video and take a closer look into the artform of tailoring.  It is a luxury that our clients at Wabi Sabi have learned to value. Once you try it you won´t want to live without.     


    Tugg - Men of the Cloth in New York, NY on Wednesday, May 20,  7:30PM

    MEN OF THE CLOTH is an inspiring film that portrays three Italian master tailors and their love for this work.

    On Wednesday May 20th there will be a screening of the film in New York City as well as a  post-screening Q&A with director Vicki Vasilopoulos, tailor Joe Genuardi of Martin Greenfield Clothiers and New York master tailor Nino Corvato.  You can learn more about the event here

    The Story Exchange on Wabi Sabi EFC where Eco Friendly Meets Sophisticated Style

    The story exchange is a nonprofit media organization that showcases entrepreneurial women from around the world who are contributing to their communities and collectively making an impact on the global economy.

    More than 126 million women are starting or running businesses in 67 economies, creating millions of jobs and generating trillions of dollars in revenue.  However, many of the features captured by the media are of either large coporations with women leaders or are male-owned. The Story Exchange wants to change that narrative by telling the stories of female entrepreneurs in an array of industries who are making a difference, breaking through barriers, and driving economic growth.

    The 1,000 Stories project is a digital media project that features woman business owners, and tells the story of each women and their business.

     Michele Helene Cohen, Founder and CEO of Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept was recently featured on the site.

    “I decided to merge my fashion needs with my wellness routine by creating a contemporary women’s workwear brand made with 100% certified organic fabrics that was flattering, functional and that I could feel good about wearing to work each day.”   

    Read the full story 

    A New York City Love Affair: @city_of_new_york & @wabisabiefc

    new york city likes wabi sabi on instagram

    It´s no secret. We love New York City. It is one of the greatest cities in the world; a microcosm of the world that also has it´s own unique personality. It´s a place where you can find anything and everything.

    Image result for i love nyc by sincerely Jules blog Foto credit: sincerelyjules.com

    Our love toward New York is something that many of you can relate to; it´s like falling in love with a movie star or a music star or the older but so cute neighbor who lives down the block. It´s a love that´s strong, but almost always impossible and unfortunately almost never reciprocal.

    Image result for new york loves me Foto credit. Pinterest


    city of new york follows wabi sabi on instagram

    A true love affair is born!!