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    Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept has been the go to shopping destination for fashion and ecologically conscious shoppers since 2011. The launch of our signature clothing collection, "Sustainable City Style" in 2014 was the next step to advancing our mission to offer clothing that not only looks great, but also empowers women to live healthier and happier.

    Wabi Sabi is a womenswear brand that gives the dress new relevance. The tightly edited collections of day to evening dresses are distinguished by fit, craftsmanship and the use of 100% certified organic fabrics. Wabi Sabi dresses are refined silhouettes that can be worn in a variety of ways, becoming part of the evolving and unique story of the woman who wears them.


    How we do it?

    Inspired by wellness and designed for city life Wabi Sabi EFC uses the finest 100% certified organic fabrics to create clothes that will make you look good and feel great!



    Wabi Sabi Brand

    • Quality: We only work with the best suppliers and craftsmen that guarantee the highest level of workmanship and ethics.

    • Design: Our clothes are created for the modern and sophisticated woman who wants to be current, look stunning and needs her clothes to be functional. We design day to evening wear that will take you from the boardroom to the playroom to a night on the town. Our styles are fashionable but will not go out of fashion from one year to the next. All styles are created to flatter a woman´s figure.

    • Sustainability: We use 100% certified organic fabrics, and we manufacture under fair trade conditions while respecting the environment. Good for People and Good for the Planet



    Our Inspiration


    Wabi Sabi (侘 寂) is a term use to describe a philosophy deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

    In the West it is frequently used to describe a style of interior design and often confused with the the spicy green paste served with sushi (Sorry, that is called wasabi). 

    If you ask someone familiar with Japanese culture you´ll find they can talk for hours or days about the simple yet all too complex concept that is Wabi Sabi (侘 寂). I´ll be brief:


    Wabi Sabi celebrates authenticity, utility and beauty in a visually uncluttered way.